rafsanjan pistachio suppliers and exporters

rafsanjan pistachio suppliers and exporters

Rafsanjan pistachio suppliers can be one of the most important pistachio suppliers in the world. Because Rafsanjan is one of the most important centers for pistachio production and exports.

Iran is one of the pistachios producing and exporting poles. In this country, Rafsanjan is the most important pistachio production and supply region. Rafsanjan pistachio suppliers are the main supplier of pistachios in the world. Exporter companies are operating in Rafsanjan. Which is responsible for supplying Persian pistachio customers from all over the world.

Rafsanjan pistachio suppliers, the most important Persian pistachio sellers

Rafsanjan has made significant progress in the processing and export of pistachios. Therefore, in addition to exporting its Rafsanjan product itself, part of the production of other cities also be transferred to Rafsanjan. And processed in Rafsanjan and prepared and then exported to other parts of the world from this area. Therefore, we can introduce rafsanjan pistachio suppliers as one of the largest suppliers of Persian Pistachio.

Some pistachio merchants know Iran’s pistachios with the Rafsanjan brand. Although different regions of Iran and various sectors are currently cultivating, pistachios produce and export. But Rafsanjan is known as a pistachio sales and export center due to its more ancient production of pistachio and, of course, more of its share of production and exports.

Varieties of Fandoghi pistachios, Ahmad Aghaei, Kalleh ghouchi and Akbari, as well as various types of pistachio kernels are the most important types of pistachios that Iran exports to different parts of the world. The quality and taste of pistachio is good in Iran. That’s why there are many customers in the world.

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