Pistachio kernels/ Unripe pistachio kernels

The pistachio kernels are classified in the following types:

  • Whole kernels/ Natural Pistachio kernels

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  • Unripe pistachio kernels
  • Green Peeled pistachio kernels
  • Halves and pieces
  • Small meats














Unripe pistachio kernels

Unripe Pistachio Kernels has a lot of use in the food industry due to its green color and good taste. This kind of pistachio kernels in the preparation of various types of confectionery, decorating foods, production of pistachio powder, as well as the production of pistachio butter is common all over the worldGreen Peeled pistachio kernels is also processed from the Unripe Pistachio Kernel.

Annual, some farmers percentage of pistachios harvest unripe. Its brain is processed and used in the uses mentioned above. The markets of countries such as Germany, Russia, as well as China, Switzerland, Sweden, and others like this type of pistachio. For this reason, pistachio exporters have put this product in their sales list.

production of Unripe Pistachio Kernel

The time to start pistachio harvesting is when in the 30-40% of pistachio seeds the color of the thin skin change on the brain from white to pink. To dry the pistachio, the use of a thermal dryer is not allowed and causes the brain to die out. So, manufacturers of this product are dry on sunny fields.

The moist unripe pistachio are processed in two ways:

  • With cluster and skin
  • Also rolled Kalak pistachios

In the unripe pistachio, which has been rolled and dried, the open shell pistachio can be separated manually. In this way, In this way, the waste is reduced when breaking. In addition, by doing this, we can reduce the risk of Aflatoxin developing in green kernel severely.

Finally, producer deliver the product of the fracture stage into three groups. The limit for the presence of waste resulting from the cracking operation of Kalak pistachio is typically 7% to 8%.

  • Healthy kernels
  • Lesions (broken and crushed)
  • Also not fried Pistachios

As mentioned, Kalak Pistachio kernels enters the consumer market in two ways:

Anata Nuts Company has included the various qualities of both products in their product listings. We have taken pictures of both products below.