Wild Pistachio

Wild Pistachio with the name Pistacia Atlantica, a tree with a height of 2 to 7 meters and usually goes to the mountains. Of course, the it’s other name is mountain pistachio. This product is available in some parts of Iran. A few percent of it is used in the domestic market, and the surplus is exported.

wild pistachio

wild or mountain pistachio (Menengiç)


The fruit’s name in Persian 1) Ban (بن) or 2) Baneh (بنه), is an oil seed plant. The skin of the fruit is very hard. And its fruit is ready for harvest in the autumn. Turkey is one of the applicants to buy this product from Iran. In Turkey, the name of this product is Menengiç.


Wild Pistachio Kernels

Its kernels is similar to pistachio but much smaller. The wild pistachio kernels has a dark green color. It also has a unique flavor. It is therefore very suitable for use in the food industry such as confectionery industry, also restaurants and etc. This product is very popular on the international market. Turkey, for example, likes this product a lot. And annually imports a large volume of this product from Iran. The EU is also the other consumer of this product.

Of course, the consumption of wild pistachio kernels in Iran itself is very common in the confectionery industry.

Organic Pistachio

The wild (mountain) pistachio grows naturally in the mountains. So no agricultural pesticides have been used for it. This product is quite organic. It has a very high nutritional value. One of the reasons that increased the export of wild pistachio brains is its organicity.


Organicity Certificate of wild pistachio

The certificates and approvals of this product are presented below. This certificate is from BCS Oeko Garantie GmbH company.

Of course, the producers began to widely introduce it in the international markets. Therefore, it’s exports are on the rise.

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1) Wild Pistachios: WP
2) Wild Pistachio Brain: WPK

wild pistachio

wild pistachio