pistachio suppliers in iran

pistachio suppliers in Iran

Iran is one of the main pistachio producers in the world. Iran provides a high percentage of world market demand for pistachios. Produced pistachios in other countries, does not have the ability to compete with Iranian pistachios. Because Iranian pistachios have a very good flavor. Pistachio Suppliers in Iran due to extensive relationship with worldwide, recognize the need for target markets and succeed in exporting.

Export of different pistachio varieties

Iran’s pistachios are exported in different varieties. We can refer to the following:

  • Natural opened pistachio
  • mechanical opened
  • pistachio kernels
  • sliced pistachio
  • pistachio powder

suppliers of pistachio in Iran offer the best kind of pistachio by checking the buyer’s needs. Pistachio Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Fandoghi and Kalle-ghouchi are commercial Pistachio Cultivars in Iran. Kalle-ghouchi pistachio are very tasty, so the export is very successful. Iranian pistachio has a good taste because of its high fat content. Very good climatic conditions pistachio producing regions in Iran, has a good impact on their quality, too.

The main competitive advantage of Iran’s pistachio is its good taste. Therefore, it is popular in the world. Pistachio suppliers in Iran have focused on this advantage, thus maintaining the position of Iranian pistachio in global consumer markets.

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