iran pistachio suppliers in uae

iran pistachio suppliers in uae

The presence of iran pistachio suppliers in UAE is aimed at boosting Iran’s pistachio exports and facilitating issues such as monetary transfers.

Sales side services are an issue that is very important in trading. Many shoppers may prefer premium services at a price. Subsidiary services Selling items that facilitate the transaction.


Representatives of pistachio suppliers in UAE

Some large Iranian pistachio companies have taken various measures in order to facilitate trade with different countries, taking into account the political situation in Iran.
One of the main problems facing Iranian suppliers is the restrictions and sanctions imposed on Iranian banks.

Some Iranian pistachio companies have established branches in other parts of the world. To solve this problem in this way and using the services of other banks in the countries.

The UAE, India, Russia, also Turkey country and … among these countries. The presence of Iranian pistachio suppliers in the UAE, China, India, Russia, Turkey and … with the same aim of facilitating trade relations.


Branches and Agencies of Anata Nuts Company

We are now ready to work with businessmen from around the world with several branches in different countries. Our active branches are currently located in Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Ukraine as well as Germany. Of course, we will introduce other sales subsidiaries in the near future.

To buy different types of pistachios from anywhere in the world, you can contact us. In the first step, you must specify the product specification you want. Also, at the same time, we need to agree on shipping and payment parameters.

Our product list: The Catalog.
Also our way of communication: Please contact us.

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