Iranian pistachio suppliers

Iranian pistachio suppliers in uae

Iranian pistachio suppliers in UAE, Hong Kong, Eup, CIS countries are present. Iran’s pistachio exporters supply pistachios needed in more than 70 countries. Iranian pistachio diversity, so different countries with different preferences is favorite. The good taste of pistachios in Iran is considered to be its competitive advantage.

In addition to Iran, the United States is a supplier of pistachios in global markets. The two countries are the most important pistachio production and export center. You can see the volume of production and exports of pistachio from the two countries in chart below.

Iranian pistachio suppliers in uae, Hong Kong, India and German

What suppliers can offer to their customers in the best way is an important point, in addition to the quality of pistachio and high supply potential. Iranian Pistachio Suppliers have established sales and branch offices in important commercial areas such as UAE. Their goal is to respond appropriately to their customers and facilitate financial transfers with the rest of the world. Currently, pistachio exporters in Iran can make financial transfers worldwide through Emirate Banks

ANATA Nuts Company is a manufacturer and supplier of Iranian pistachios. In order to better respond to its customers, the company has established branches in other areas. Branches of ANATA nuts co. are in UAE, Hong Kong, Russia, Ukraine and Germany.

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