Slivered Pistachios

Pistachios have many nutritional properties. That’s why the amount of it is increasing day by day. This product has been widely used not only as nuts but also in the food industry such as the confectionery industry, as well as in the preparation of foods and … .

Different shapes of pistachio products:
1) Pistachios in shell: Used as nuts.
2) Pistachios kernels: In addition to consumption as nuts, it is also used in the food industry.
3) Also pistachio products that include: Food industry units are the only customers of these products.

  • Slivered Pistachios
  • Ground pistachios
  • As well as pistachio butter

Pistachio Products/ Slivered Pistachios

 The following is important about the quality of pistachio slices:

  • Size of pistachio slivers
  • Color of pistachio slivers
  • Being fresh of pistachio slivers

The pistachio slice is taller and greener, which means it has a higher quality. Food industry units such as confectionery, as well as restaurants and … are consumers of this product. You can see our sample photo from below.

sliced pistachios

sliced pistachios

Packaging of Slivered Pistachios

We pack Sliced pistachio in 5.5 kg carton. Then transfer 4 small cartons into a 22kg mother carton. You can see an example of a pistachio slivers packing image below.


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