Anata Nuts Company

Anata Nuts Company is one of the iran pistachio supplier that started its activities with the aim of developing Iranian pistachio production and exports.
Now by focusing on exports and employing experienced marketing forces, it has sought to identify the tastes of different countries in the world with the aim of providing the right product.
Now, with a variety of product quality and also best packaging, it has been able to meet the needs of consumers in different countries. The company offers high quality products and also High variety. Anata Nuts is an exporter of pistachio to Hong Kong, Vietnam, UAE, Also GermanySweden, As well as Russia, Kazakhstan, and … .


CEO Message

By the grace and will of Allah, Almighty, we are on the path to pistachio production and trade. Anata Nuts company (iran pistachio supplier) have been working on our route by direct contact with buyers and traders around the world, direct supply of Iranian pistachios.

In this way, we use from the help of experienced staff as well as advisers in the field of business. we have been working to identify the needs of target markets. And accordingly, we process, package and also ship the product properly.

In the coming years, with the help of God, we strive to produce large quantities of pistachios. we will try to supply our company products in accordance with global standards and the need for target markets.


Our Goals

Pistachio is one of the most popular nutritional supplements in the world. Iran has been able to produce mass pistachios, one of the most important suppliers of global market demand. Anata Nuts co are trying to make a significant contribution to this important activity. By stepping in the mainstream of pistachio production and direct export.