rafsanjan pistachio suppliers

rafsanjan pistachio suppliers

Kerman province is the most important pistachio production area in Iran. Rafsanjan, Sirjan, Pomegranate, Zarand and Shahrbabak are the most important pistachio producing cities in Kerman. Pistachio of Rafsanjan has a worldwide reputation. Rafsanjan pistachio suppliers, for many years, present pistachios of this city with the Rafsanjan brand in the world.

Because Rafsanjan climatic conditions are suitable for pistachio planting, the taste and quality of Rafsanjan pistachios are good. Of course, proper handling of pistachio trees is also very important in the quality of pistachios.

Rafsanjan Pistachio Suppliers in Global Markets

The annual production of pistachios in Rafsanjan is about 45,000 tons. (Source: Iran Pistachio Association). The pistachio varieties produced in Rafsanjan include the following:

  • Fandoghi pistachio
  • Ahmad Aghaei pistachio
  • Kale-ghuchi pistachio
  • and also Akbari pistachio

Rafsanjan pistachio suppliers of will export pistachios to China, Hong Kong, India, UAE, Vietnam, the European Union, Russia, Kazakhstan and … .

Anata Nuts Company is a pistachio producer and supplier in Iran. We are proud to have partnered with other countries.We have created a products section for introducing our products to your loved ones. If you need further explanation, we are at your service.

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