Ground pistachios

Pistachios have many nutritional properties. That’s why the amount of it is increasing day by day. This product has been widely used not only as nuts but also in the food industry such as the confectionery industry, as well as in the preparation of foods and … .

Different shapes of pistachio products:
1) Pistachios in shell: Used as nuts.
2) Pistachios kernels: In addition to consumption as nuts, it is also used in the food industry.
3) Also pistachio products that include: Food industry units are the only customers of these products.

  • Sliced pistachios
  • Ground pistachios
  • As well as pistachio butter

Pistachio Products/ Ground Pistachios

For use in the food industry, it is used more than pistachio products. We introduce pistachio products above. As you can see in the picture, ground pistachio can be processed and supplied in various qualities and sizes.

Different pistachio kernels may be used to process pistachio powder. What kind of pistachio nuts used to make pistachio powder is the most important effect in the final quality of pistachio powder. And, of course, it has the most significant effect on pistachio powder price.


Types of ground pistachio

We want to give an example. We know that the pistachio has a wide variety of qualities. And we can also use pistachio cereals to process pistachio powder. Or we can use pistachio meat kernels or unripe pistachio kernels. Of course, other qualities and types of pistachios can also be used to prepare pistachio powder. Such as Qazvin pistachio kernels or wild pistachio kernels.

Of the pistachios, three types of pistachios are expensive in the row. Their nutritional value is very high. And so the quality of the pistachio powder that comes from the pistachios is very high.

  • Unripe pistachio kernels
  • Qazvin pistachio kernels
  • Wild pistachio kernels

While pistachio meat kernels are cheap pistachios. And it has a relatively lower quality. So pistachio powder prepared from the kernel also has a cheaper price and quality is fairly average.

As you can see from the description, the quality of the pistachio powder can be very different. So their price difference will be very high.

At this center, we produce four types of pistachio powder, each in 3 sizes. We will list the following. Each is available in three sizes.

  1. The pistachio powder processed from unripe pistachio kernels
  2. The pistachio powder processed from Qazvin pistachio kernels
  3. Pistachio powder processed from wild pistachio kernels
  4. Also pistachio powder processed from pistachio meat kernels

Pistachio powder image processed from Qazvin pistachio kernels See the picture below. Qazvin pistachio is one of the best pistachios in Iran. The nutritional value of this pistachio is very high. And the resulting pistachio powder has a very high quality.

Ground Pistachios

Ground Pistachios


You can also see other types of pistachios powder in the pictures below. Also you can see the ground pistachios in three sizes at below picture.

Ground Pistachios

Ground Pistachios


In the confectionery industry, as well as in the preparation of foods and … are consumers of ground pistachio. See examples of taking this product below.



Pistachio truffles


Pistachio baklava



Pistachio halvah



Pistachios luz


We are ready to supply ground pistachio in three sizes. You can also introduce the type of product you are producing, so we can send you the right ground pistachio.

Packaging of Ground Pistachios

The proper packaging of the product is very important to prevent its quality loss. We pack ground pistachio in 6 kg carton. Then transfer 4 small cartons into a 24kg mother carton. You can see an example of a ground pistachio packing image below.

We are ready to respond to you. You can contact us to order. Also, if you have questions, we are in charge of you. Also, to find out about our other products, you can select the product you want from the products section.