wholesale pistachio suppliers in uae

wholesale pistachio suppliers in uae

A number of wholesale pistachio suppliers in UAE are Iranian exporting companies that have established branches and agents in order to improve their customer service.

In pistachio exports (any product or any other service), in addition to providing a product of the proper quality that is in accordance with the buyer’s request, the provision of peripheral services is also very important.

The inappropriate service that includes the delivery method and the … may lead to dissatisfaction with the buyer. Even the vendor should provide the appropriate method for financial transactions. Otherwise this can be a cause for concern and failure to properly handle the transaction.

Unfortunately, the problems encountered by some of the sanctions against of the Iranian banking system have made it difficult for Iranian banks to exchange currency transfers. One of the advantages of establishing branches and sales representatives in other countries by major Iranian exporting companies is to solve the problem of financial exchanges.

The presence of wholesale pistachio suppliers in uae

The presence of Iranian pistachio suppliers in countries such as:

  • The UAE
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • India
  • Kazakhstan
  • etc.

has a positive impact on providing better services to foreign customers.

One of the most important positive effects is the possibility of easier currency exchanges between the buyer and the seller. As well as in-person transactions for customers in these countries are possible and increase their satisfaction.

Anata nuts company has made it easier for its customers to trade through retailers in Russia, Kazakhstan, India and Germany. And has succeeded in supplying Iranian pistachio in many countries.

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