walnut kernels lowest price per kg

walnut kernels lowest price per kg

walnut kernels lowest price, belong to what kind of brain is nuts? This type of walnut, where and for what used to be? What is the difference between the price of this product and the white walnut kernel?

As we mentioned in the walnut kernels light halves article, the walnut brain has different qualities. Which are different in terms of color and fracture percentage. We recognized the highest quality walnut kernels light halves, which had the highest price for walnuts. But which quality is walnut kernels lowest price?

Which quality is walnut kernels lowest price?

Broken walnut kernels of the same size as split head, as well as the black walnut, have a low price. We can say walnut kernels lowest price belong to the black walnut kernels and broken kernels. These products are only used in food industry units. For example, the finely broken walnut kernel is suitable for ice cream, sweets, restaurants and more. The Black walnut kernel is also suitable for making muffins, sweets, and more.

Of course, in buying walnut kernels, the lowest price should also consider parameters like the quality and healthy of the walnut brain. The product must be free of insects and its remains. Otherwise, the product will not be suitable for consumption in the food industry.

Walnut can be bought at different prices. Each center and each buyer of the walnut kernel, based on their needs, chooses between different qualities.

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