market price of pistachio

market price of pistachio

How much is the market price of pistachio? Is there a great deal between wholesale pistachio prices and the market price of pistachio? What is the reason for this difference?

The market price of pistachios is higher than wholesale pistachio prices. Often this difference is significant. But the reasons are justifiable.


Difference in market price of pistachio with wholesale pistachio prices

Different steps are taken to bring pistachios from the country of origin and producer to the store, the latest pistachio seller to the consumer. And there are several people trying to do that. Until pistachios to the store in relation to the consumers, arrives.

The first person and organ in this chain is the manufacturer. In the next step, the processing and packaging center should be taken into consideration. Most of the major exporting companies are processing pistachio packaging and warehousing. Therefore, we can introduce the exporter to the second organ.

The merchant and importer of pistachios to the target country are in the next stage of the chain. The importer of pistachio after importing pistachios to his country, who often purchases pistachios with wholesale pistachio prices, is distributing it between domestic players. So the broadcasting companies in the destination country are next to the chain.

Broadcasters try to deliver the product to the stores with the right packaging. And finally, stores bring pistachios to consumers. However, stores themselves have to sell the market price of pistachio above the pistachio prices they received from the player due to their high cost. It is also with considerable difference. So that they can offset their store costs.

This explanation shows that there is a huge difference between the market price of pistachio and wholesale pistachio prices.

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