pistachio rate in dubai

pistachio rate in dubai

Pistachio rate in Dubai based on pistachios prices plus pistachio transport costs to Dubai. Dubai’s commercial ports are one of the main gateways for Persian pistachios to world markets.

In order to determine the pistachio rate in Dubai, we must consider the following, each of which is the source of lateral costs. Obviously the first issue is the price of pistachios. The price of the product itself.


The price of pistachio EXW

We will determine the price of pistachio according to the type, variety, size and quality of pistachios. Certainly the price will vary for different qualities. An example statement in this case can further clarify the issue.

Consider the two pistachio kernels quality with different size and fracture percentage. During the processing of the pistachio, a percentage of the pistachios in the kernels is fractured. After the process of separating the brain from the skin, there is another stage of separation. And that separation of broken pistachios. If the percentage of broken seeds in the product is less and these seeds are completely removed from the product, the pistachio will be in high quality. And its price will be higher.

The next issue to consider when considering pistachio prices in Dubai is packing costs. Pistachio packaging requires cost. These costs affect the final pistachios price.


CIF pistachio price

Transportation and delivery of pistachios from the origin of production to another country, at the expense of the following costs.

  • Loading and unloading costs of pistachio cargo
  • Shipping Costs
  • Customs clearance export and import costs

Therefore, to specify the pistachio rate in Dubai, we need to estimate all these costs. Based on these criteria, we will determine the pistachio prices in Dubai and we will notify the buyer.

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