iran pistachio price per ton

iran pistachio price per ton

The Iran pistachio price per ton depends on its cultivars. Round pistachio (Fandoghi) has the lowest price among Iranian pistachio cultivars. Pistachio Akbari also has a higher dollar value. For each pistachio variety, its quality is also important. The quality of pistachio is measured in terms of percentage of Closed shell, Adhering hull and also Non-uniformity of variety and size … . We have described this description entirely in the products section for our products.

super grade pistachio price per kg

In super quality pistachio, % mouth closed and other defects are very low. Pistachio contamination with Aflatoxin is also very low. This pistachio is the best quality pistachio. Therefore, its price is higher than other qualities.

This limitation of defects also applies to aquatic pistachios. Pistachios which have Aflatoxin approvals accepted by the European Union are considered to be super quality pods.

grade 1 pistachio price per kilo

We have raised the limit for various pistachio defects for the types of quality at the bottom. For first-class quality, too. Experts consider this quality to be superior to pistachio.

iran pistachio price per ton - anata nuts co. (2)

iran pistachio price per ton – anata nuts co.

Appearance of first-class quality pistachio is great and expansive exports to all parts of the world. It’s price also is reasonable . These definitions for all commercial pistachio cultivars include:

  • round pistachio
  • jumbo pistachio
  • long pistachio
  • and also super-long pistachio

are same and true.

STD Pistachio price per kilo

The highest pistachio exports are pistachio quality standards. In addition to acceptable quality, this pistachio also has a decent price. The same thing has caused this quality has been exported high. The specifications that are defined for standard pistachios (grade 3) are also in the table above.

grade 4 pistachio price per kilo

Grade 4 pistachios have over 10% closed mouths. Also, The percentage of Non-uniformity of variety and size for this quality are rather high. But due to the cheap price, some traders tend to buy it. The consumer market in every country requires both a first-rate product and a low-cost product. Therefore, it is clear that exports and supply of both qualities are booming.

We have listed prices for pistachios and pistachio nuts for the Anata nuts in the price section.

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