cheap unsalted pistachios

cheap unsalted pistachios sale

Are cheap unsalted pistachios suitable for consumption as nuts? Is the flavor of these pistachios good or need to use flavoring?

If we choose mechanically open pistachios from cheap unsalted pistachios, we need to say that their taste is slightly different from naturally open pistachios. In fact, this is one of the reasons and issues affecting the price of pistachios. For this reason, mechanically opened pistachios are in the group of cheap pistachios. Of course, there are other issues that caused the price of mechanically opened pistachios, is low. We mention these in detail in the previous articles. But in this article, we focus on the pistachio flavor parameter.


Cheap unsalted pistachios for sale

Is cheap unsalted pistachios and raw are usable? According to the above, if we choose mechanically open pistachios as cheap pistachios, we need to use the flavors to improve the taste of pistachios.

One of the most commonly used flavors for pistachios is salt. But if we want to offer cheap unsalted pistachios for sale, salt should not be used. Therefore, using other flavors such as saffron can be a good option. Saffron pistachios have their own enthusiasts. For example, Iraq is one of the customers of Akbari pistachio mechanically opened with saffron flavor. Other flavors such as lemon and pepper are also good options for flavoring pistachios.

Of course, some customers are buying cheap unsalted pistachios and raw. This is dependent on the target market. And the buyer’s facilities for the secondary processing of pistachio before it is available on the consumer market.

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