pistachio price per ton 2017

pistachio price per ton 2017

The pistachio price per ton 2017 in different countries will be different depending on the costs involved in preparing and transporting the product. Therefore, in the price inquiry, details such as the type of packaging, the place of delivery, the volume of purchase, in addition to the quality of the pistachios, should be specified.

We know that it is very important to specify the exact quality of the product in offering the price for pistachios. Because pistachios have different qualities and countries choose their standard according to the taste and potential of their consumption market. This topic has been discussed in detail in previous articles.

In this article, we want to introduce other issues that affect the price of pistachios, but also in terms of the cost of the pistachios.


The effect of packaging on pistachio price per ton

One of these is the product packaging. We select the package type based on destination and route and, of course, the standard of the country of destination.
If the pistachio product is sent to distant directions, which is likely to have moisture and heat on the path, then the packaging we choose for pistachios is vacuum packaging. Of course, this shrinkage is the only type of packaging that keeps the product from moisture. To protect pistachios from heat, we also use anti-UV bags to vacuum them.


Impact of transportation costs on pistachio price per ton

Term of delivery is one of the most important issues that the seller negotiate it. By specifying the delivery term, we will determine who will be responsible for the transportation costs and burden of charge. Therefore, the seller, taking into account this issue and imposing shipping costs, will announce the final price per tonne of pistachios.

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