wholesale pistachio price in Russia

wholesale pistachio price in Russia

The wholesale pistachio price in Russia, Fandoghi and Ahmad Aghaei, which are the most popular Iranian pistachios in Russia, differ in quality from class a, class b and class c, depending on the type of demand from the buyer.

Russia is one of our main target markets for shipping pistachios and exports. We send the pistachio cargo from Iran to Russia both directly and through the Kazakhstan border. The lower cost of shipping cargo from Iran to Russia via Kazakhstan has led some traders to select this route.


Iranian pistachio price in Russia

This parameter is completely dependent on the type of pistachio customer demand. Two varieties of pistachio Fandogi and Ahmad Aghaei are the most popular types of pistachios in Russia. We can put these pistachios in three quality groups:

  1. Fandogi and Ahmad Aghaei Class A: These pistachios are 100% naturally opened.
  2. Class C pistachios: This quality of pistachios is 100% mechanically open.
  3. Also the type class B: The mix of naturally opened and mechanically opened. This mixing ratio can be 30/70, 70/30, or 50/50.


Akbari pistachios price

Another type of pistachio that the Russian country likes is Akbari pistachios. Like other pistachio varieties, Akbari pistachios have a variety of naturally opened and mechanically opened.
Of these two types of Akbari pistachios, we offer a kind of naturally opened to Russian merchants. Because Akbari mechanically opened pistachios need to be roasting to send to Russia. While in the event, the pistachio brain is separated from the shell. Therefore, it’s not suitable qualifies for sale in the Russian market.

We are arranging exchanges and transactions with the Russian Federation through the establishment of a sales representative in Russia and the presence of our representatives in this country, as well as establishing a dollar bank account, and is ready to cooperate with all the merchants and companies that are importing it.

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