pistachio price in uae

pistachio price in uae

We want to review the pistachio price in UAE for Akbari. How much is akbari pistachio price in UAE for 22-24 sizes? For this estimate, we need to calculate the costs of pistachio exports and imports.

We can estimate pistachio price in UAE by checking and identifying a few items. One of the most important of these is pistachios. Type, variety and size of pistachios in addition to its quality. By identifying these items along with the type of packaging and the type of secondary processing, we can estimate ex-work pistachio price. But to estimate pistachio price in UAE, we also need to know other things.

Estimated shipping cost in determining pistachio price in UAE

For example, we should be able to estimate the cost of domestic transportation from warehouse to customs. For this estimate, we need to know how much pistachio is to be traded. Such as for each 20-foot or 40-foot container, shipping costs are considered. The number of containers will indicate the shipping cost.

We also need to estimate the customs fees for which receive export certificates. Along with this, we need to know what costs are needed to ship to the port and download the ship and insure the product. Finally, we need to estimate the cost of international transportation in a limited way.

By estimating these costs and dividing them by the tonnage of pistachios, we can estimate the cost per kilogram of pistachio. So we can accurately estimate pistachio price in UAE. For example, akbari pistachio price in uae is about $ 12.5 for a size of 22-24. To export it to Dubai, if it costs around $ 0.06, its delivery price to the CIF Jebel Ali port will be $ 12.65.

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