pistachio nuts price in sri lanka

pistachio nuts price in sri lanka

The pistachio nuts price in Sri Lanka is often announced for bulk, as the export of crop in small packages to this country is low.

Iran is the most important pistachio supplier in Asia. Sri Lanka is also one of the Asian countries buying pistachios from Iran. The country imports pistachios in shell and the pistachio kernels. Traders of this country choose the following pistachio cultivars for purchase:

  • The Fandoghi pistachio, (The Commercial name of this pistachio is pistachio round).
  • The Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio, (Long pistachios).
  • Kalleh Ghuchi Pistachio, (Jumbo pistachios).
  • Also the Badami Pistachio, This pistachio is in the row of long pistachios.

(This is not a general issue, the type of purchase may vary depending on the purchase demand and include other pistachios such as Akbari.)

Pistachio Packaging for Export to the Sri Lanka

The pistachio packaging for export to Sri Lanka is often in large bulk. In bulk packaging, 50kg bags are often used for pistachios in shell and 10kg cartons are used for pistachio kernels. Therefore, exporters declare the pistachio nuts price for export to the Sri Lanka, often for bulk products. Unless the buyer orders the packaging product himself.

Perhaps, the introduction and promotion of small pistachios can boost its export to the Sri Lanka. This requires marketing and introducing a credible brand in the consumer market.

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