iranian lemon pistachios suppliers

iranian lemon pistachios suppliers

Iranian lemon Pistachios are one of the varieties of flavored pistachios that offer pistachio suppliers in the market of consuming in different countries.

From the most delicious types of flavored pistachios, we can mention Iranian lemon pistachios. To prepare these pistachios, we taste pistachios in the process of secondary processing.

We can introduce a variety of Iranian flavored pistachios in several models, including:

  • Saffron pistachios
  • Lemon pistachios
  • Salt pistachio
  • Also pepper pistachios
  • Or a combination of them. Such as saffron-salt pistachios, pepper-lemon pistachios and ….


A variety of flavored pistachios for sale

The consumer market in most countries is fond of pistachios both raw and flavored. Among the flavored pistachios, different models have their own fans and customers.

In addition to choosing the model and the quality of raw pistachio, different regions of the world market have different taste choices in choosing the type of secondary processing and flavoring. As an example, a country such as Russia like salt pistachios. While European countries like a mix of pepper, lemon juice as well as salt.


Order of iranian lemon pistachios

In order to order flavored pistachios, we must first agree on the quality of raw pistachio. Then agreeing about it and choosing a quality pistachio, we ask the type of customer’s processing to taste the pistachio.
In this way, according to the agreements, we will prepare the product for the time period and send the product to the buyer at the time specified and according to the agreed delivery terms.

You can contact us to order your order. We introduce our product list in the catalog.

Our product list: The Catalog.
Also our way of communication: Please contact us.

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