wholesale pistachio nuts online

wholesale pistachio nuts online

Many traders widely welcome the wholesale pistachio nuts online, with many opportunities to facilitate business transactions between merchants.

Currently, seller and buyer can do b to b transactions with the help of:

  • Standardized forms
  • Reputable inspection companies
  • Updated banks
  • Also international shipping companies.

This article provides useful information on the online wholesale of pistachio nuts. If after studying it, you need to know more about our cooperation, you can contact us.


The stages of wholesale pistachio nuts online

Standardized procedures for the online wholesale of pistachio nuts, and suppliers and customers all over the world recognize and enforce this standard way, have standardized forms. We will list these forms in the order in which they are to be issued.

  1. Loi form: Abbreviated letter of credite, this form is a formal request. The customer (buyer) in the first step sends the contact for the price and inventory inquiry to the seller.
  2. Form fco: A full corporate offer, the supplier’s response as an official offer to loi from the buyer. Signing and confirming the fco by the buyer means accepting transaction details. At this stage, it is possible to negotiate further with the buyer to make a deal, to reject or accept the terms of sale.
  3. Icpo: By sending this form, the buyer declares his readiness and ability to sell.
  4. PI: The seller, by ensuring the buyer’s formal order and purchasing power, sends pi and then the buyer is obliged to pay according to the agreements and the seller is obliged to prepare as well as send the pistachio cargo according to the agreements.

During these stages, Buyer ans seller simply do the wholesale pistachio nuts online. Of course, inspection companies, banks and shipping companies are in addition to the buyer and seller involved in the transaction.


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