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Iranian pistachio suppliers and exporters , due to the variety of quality and products, always investigate the tastes of the target market and the type of need to supply the product. They identify the needs of buyers in each country. It is a very influential issue on the satisfaction of both sides of the deal which Iranian pistachio suppliers consider it.

Each of the five continents of the world is a pistachio customer of Iran. America, Asia, Africa, Europe as well as Oceania. More than 70 countries are in the list of Iranian pistachio exports that include:

  • Hong Kong
  • Vietnam

  • UAE
  • Germany
  • India
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Also Iraq
  • and others.

The variety of Iranian pistachio in the type and quality has contributed to the expansion of its exports to most countries of the world.

Iranian pistachio are in different cultivars. Commercial pistachio cultivars of Iran are four cultivars of super long pistachio, long pistachio, round pistachio and Jumbo. Each pistachio cultivars has different qualities that are Super grad, Class 1, Standard, and Grade 2. (For information on the physical and chemical properties of pistachio varieties in grades Super, Grade 1, Standard and Grade 2, you can read the products section.)

As stated, the pistachios suppliers and exporters according to the standards of each country, send a certain quality of pistachio.

We present various cultivars of Iranian pistachio in the following text: (Also you can see photos of different pistachios in the picture)

pistachio suppliers

pistachio suppliers


Export of super long pistachio – Akbari pistachio

Iranian market Knows this cultivars as pistachio Akbari and is known for its international markets called Super-Long Pistachios. It is very good for knit wear. Its flower color is dark purple. This pistachio is a coarse and stale variety. Also it is more elongated than Pistachio Ahmad Ahaghee and is in the size of 18-20, 20-22, 22-24, 24-26 ounces.

The people of Iran love this cultivars because of its very beautiful appearance. also, It is one of the export cultivars of Iran’s pistachio that pistachio exporters send it to different parts of the world.

pistachio suppliers

Super- Long Pistachio

Long Pistachio Suppliers – Ahmad Aghaie pistachio

This pistachio is one of the drown cultivars. In the Iran market, Ahmad Ahaghie is called. It is larger than Fadoghi cultivar and is in the size of  24-26, 26-28 ounces. It has an extraordinary taste and has a purple red mud flower. Pistachio is very bright.

This product is mass production in the provinces of Kerman, Khorasan and also in Yazd. It is one of the most important commercial pistachio cultivars in Iran. Because of its good quality and moderate price, it’s exports is very high from Iran. In addition to the export of pistachio in-shell, the long pistachio kernels is processed and Supplied, too.

pistachio suppliers

Long Pistachio


Round Pistachio export – Fandoghi pistachio

Fandoghi pistachio is one of the rounded cultivars. The production of this pistachio in Iran is more than four other cultivars. Also, its price is lower. It has the lowest levels of Aflatoxin contamination and is one of the best export cultivars for pistachios in Iran. Therefore, the European Union is one of its main customers. Of course, Fandoghi pistachio has a successful export to Asian countries, too.

It has a smaller size and is in the size of  28-30, 30-32, 32-34 ounces. Also, It has the highest exports compared to other pistachio cultivars. The color of the flower is purple and bone skin color is cream. Kernel of round pistachio is proceed and supplied, too. It’s kernel’s export do to all over the world including the European Union, India, also Russia and etc.

pistachio suppliers

Fandoghi Pistachio


Jumbo pistachio cultivar – Kalleghuchi pistachio

Experts have put Jumbo pistachios in a row of one of the most important cultivars of commercial pistachio in Iran. The first time has been identified in Rafsanjan and its mass production has begun. Due to its apparent appearance international market, it is called Jumbo pistachio. It is a large pistachio variety. Ounces of 20-22, 22-24 and also 24-26 are size of kallei-ghuchi pistachio.

The color of the flower of the red brain is gray and the bone skin is white a little dark girth. Jumbo pistachio is one of the cultivars that in the Iranian market and the export sector, it has a high sales.

pistachio suppliers

Jumbo Pistachio



Anata Nuts Company is one of the pistachio suppliers in Iran. The various Iranian pistachio cultivars are in our list that supplied the form of raw and also roasted. The pistachio kernels and pistachio products are also our export products. Export of these products to all countries of the world.

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