iranian salted pistachios

iranian salted pistachios

Iranian salted pistachios are processed from pistachios. This pistachio is one of the favorite types of pistachio customers in Iran. This product has different types based on the process of processing and flavoring pistachios.

Iran exports pistachios in two raw and flavored models. Among the flavored pistachios, Iranian salt pistachios are among the products that have been successful in exporting to various countries, including Russia.
Of course, its salty pistachios have different types. How to saline pistachios and, in fact, the way the processing works can affect the final taste of pistachios.
For example, in the pictures below, you can see some examples of iranian salted pistachios. The flavor used in all these pistachios is salt, but the processing method is different. So you see different products from each other.

Many customers, amongst these pistachios, love pistachios that are evenly distributed in salt.


Low salt pistachios

Among the salt pistachios, Low salt pistachios have more fans. Excessive salt in pistachios reduces its nutritional value. So many consumers prefer low salt pistachios.
Low salt pistachios are also healthy in addition to having a delicious flavor. So customers and consumers are sure to use them. And they have a better option.

Of course, flavored pistachios have different types. The type of flavor used is different. And each one has its own customers on the market.

We introduce the flavored pistachios in the catalog. You can order processing after selecting a specific quality of pistachios.

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