persian pistachio for sale

persian pistachio for sale

Persian pistachio for sale are offered in various regions of the world. Asia, Africa, also Europe and … are all areas that want Iran’s pistachios.

Persian pistachios are for sale in several grades and categories. This topic has already been reviewed in numerous articles.

In this article, we are going to examine Persian pistachios for sale as chemical pistachio analyzes. One of the most important issues in pistachio trade is the amount of contamination with fungal toxins such as aflatoxin, pistachio moisture content, pistachio peroxide content, and so on.

We will read below the category of Persian Pistachio in terms of aflatoxin.


Aflatoxin level in Persian pistachio for sale

Some foods are susceptible to fungal contamination, especially Aspergillus fungi. The most dangerous type of toxins, Aspergillus fungi produce. This fungus is placed in Aflatoxin B1, B2, also G1 and G2.

FAO has identified pistachio contamination for aflatoxin for pistachio trade. The amount of contamination above this level is harmful to human health.

However, some countries have also made strict rules for FAO regarding pistachio aflatoxin. And they apply these rules in pistachio traders. these countries are such as:

  • Singapore
  • As well as the United Kingdom
  • the European Union
  • etc.

Most of the Persian pistachio shipments have FAO standards, but if Persian pistachio imports are in countries with more stringent rules on aflatoxin, we should separate the pistachios during the secondary stages and so close to the quality.

We describe the classification of aflatoxin in Iran in the following article. After reviewing, you can decide on a complete and sufficient information.

Aflatoxins Level in Persian Pistachios


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