Persian pistachio import export

Persian pistachio import export

To succeed in pistachio import export, we need to know and have full information about pistachio trade. This information helps us make the best choices in every sale.

Knowledge of what is needed about pistachio trade? The most important information that every pistachio businessman should be familiar with is the first step in the complete and comprehensive information of the product itself.

What details should we have about the product in the case of pistachio import export?


Success in pistachio import export

Pistachio has a variety of qualities and varieties. To be successful at the pistachio import export, we need to know a variety of pistachio models. Customers often have a taste for pistachios. Some customers like cheap pistachios. And some of them want great quality pistachios. We need to know the different models and pistachio quality so that we can offer the best product to each customer according to his needs.

We have been introducing various types of pistachio in many articles. In this article we will briefly introduce different pistachio models.

In general, open pistachios can be classified into two types. Each type has five models. And each model has more than three sizes. Each size of pistachio is also at least in five quality groups.
Of the two types of open pistachios, the mechanically opened pistachios are in the group of cheap pistachios. Naturally opened pistachios are also found in the group of high quality pistachios.

Understanding pistachios is important for every pistachio businessman, given the wide variety they have, and of course the difference in customer tastes. This knowledge and information can have a huge impact on our success in pistachio trade.

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