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 Tabriz Green Diamond Pistachio Company with Anata Nuts Co commercial brand is Persian pistachio supplier and exporter in Iran. The types of pistachios as well as its products are in the products list of this company.

The packaging of Tabriz Green Diamond Pistachio Company (Anata Nuts Co.) products, which includes all types of pistachios in shell as well as pistachio kernels and also sliced pistachios are as follows.


Packing Shipping
Bulk Small packing Container 20 ft/ Bulk Container 40 ft/ Bulk
Pistachio in shell 50 kg Bags 45gr, 85gr 20 tones 35 tones
Pistachio Kernels Kernels 10kg Cartoons 45gr, 85gr 12 tones 24 tones
Peeled Kernels 12kg Cartoons 12 tones 24 tones
Sliced Pistachios 5.5kg Cartoons
Ground Pistachios
10kg Cartoons


Picture of pistachio packaging / Persian pistachio supplier

We placed the image of bag, carton, and also vacuum packed in below.


Packaging of pistachio in shell

The popular packaging for pistachios in the skin is 50kg bags. Also, 10kg of vacuum packaging is used for pistachios inside the skin. Vacuum packaging is a more suitable option for long transport routes, which can reduce the quality of the product due to moisture and heat.

Cartoon & Bags packing of pistachios

Carton & Bags packing of pistachios


Common packaging for pistachio kernels

For pistachio kernels, we usually select the carton. Cartons of 10 and 12.5 kg are the most commonly used pistachio kernels. Of course,we can use also the 70kg bags (rarely) for packaging pistachio kernels.

Pistachio Kernels

10kg vacuum package for pistachio kernels


Common packing for slivered pistachio

The 22kg mother carton for slivered pistachios is the most common type of packaging. We place the 5.5kg cartons inside the mother carton.

Slivered Pistachios

Slivered Pistachios


Common packing for ground pistachio (pistachio powder)

Pistachio powder packaging, like a pistachio slice, is a small 5.5kg carton that ultimately falls into 22kg mother cartons.

Ground Pistachios

Ground Pistachios

If you request another package for pistachios, please inform us at the time of order.

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