buy iranian pistachio nuts

buy iranian pistachio nuts

Buy iranian pistachio nuts is carried out by many countries. The countries such as China, Hong Kong, UAE, Germany, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey and … are at the forefront of.

The factors that buyers and sellers consider in pistachio trading and shopping are:

In the first step, they pay attention to the quality of pistachios. The type, variety and quality that the buyer wants to be fully identified. The standards that a destination country puts on the pistachio industry and the rules and constraints it has to take into account in choosing a product.


Packing in the buy iranian pistachio nuts

The next step is the packaging of the product. In buying Iranian pistachio nuts, the buyer can choose the product packaging. Or the package that the seller usually applies to his products. Of course, noteworthy is the choice of packaging, paying attention to the standards of the destination country.


Delivery term for buy iranian pistachio nuts

After selecting the type and quality of the pistachio, as well as the choice of the secondary processing and the type of packaging, the delivery term is important. The seller declares to the buyer the location and method of delivery of the final price of the pistachios.

Anata nuts company accept the delivery terms of FOB, CIF, CPT, CIP, and also other terms for most countries in the world.


Payment method for buy iranian pistachio nuts

The issue of payment is one of the most important issues that seller and the buyer attention its. Payment can be cash or credit.
Depending on other negotiating parameters, the seller and the buyer can negotiate and agree on this issue.

Issues such as delivery time, quantitative inspection of cargo, etc., are also important.


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