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Persian pistachio wholesale price

To inquire about the Persian pistachio wholesale price, you need to specify a few parameters on your request during the inquiry. These are listed below.

The most important issues in determining the Persian pistachio wholesale price are the variety, size and quality of all types of Persian pistachios. Therefore, in the Persian pistachio wholesale price inquiry, we must accurately specify the items so that the supplier can declare the price accordingly.

Are you familiar with Persian pistachio cultivars? The most important varieties of Persian pistachios include:

  • Akbari pistachios
  • Ahmad Aghaei Pistachios
  • Fandoghi pistachios
  • Jumbo Pistachios
  • Badami pistachios

These figures have different prices. Because their specifications are different. Therefore, we must determine the variety of pistachio in the first step.

Another important issue is the size of the pistachio. The bigger size has a higher price. Therefore, in addition to specifying the pistachio variety, we need to specify the size of the pistachio in our application. For example, Akbari pistachios have sizes 18-20, 20-22, 22-24 and 24-26. The smaller the number, the smaller the number of pistachios in an ounce. In fact, it is a bigger pistachio. And it has a higher price.


Price of Iranian pistachio grades

Each pistachio is categorized in several qualities with a specific size and size. We consider the following in pistachio grading.

The first is about closed pistachio. Buyers tend to buy pistachios with the highest percentage of seeds open. Thus open shell pistachios have the highest value with a low percentage of close seeds. During the production process, producers separate closed pistachio seeds and make the percentage of closed pistachio in the lowest possible amount. Other defects are also considered in pricing.

According to the above description, in asking for the price of pistachios, you need to pay attention to these. And on their request, mention them. So the supplier can declare price accordingly.

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