fandoghi round pistachio for sale

fandoghi round pistachio for sale

Fandoghi round pistachio for sale in the markets of Hong Kong, Russia, Pakistan, Germany, as well as Arabic countries like Qatar and … is a good option. Because of the popularity of these countries, according to their taste and standard.

Did you know that the highest pistachio production in Iran is related to which pistachio variety? Hazelnut pistachio has the highest production among different varieties of Persian pistachio. This figure is known as the most important Iranian pistachio variety. Because it has the highest production and the highest export volumes.

Hazelnut pistachios from round pistachios. In the Iranian market, the name is Fandoghi. And the international market known as the Round.


Recognition of Fandoghi round pistachios

Among the pistachio gardens in Iran, Fandoghi pistachios are the most cultivated area. Therefore, it has the highest production and also the largest amount of exports. The tree performance of this figure is acceptable. Fandoghi pistachios is also the finest Persian pistachio. The size of this pistachio is 28-30, 30-32, 32-34 and 34-36 ounces.
For the reasons we have mentioned, this figure has the lowest economic value among the Persian pistachio cultivars.


Fandoghi round pistachio target markets

Different countries with different tastes are buyers of this type of pistachios. The European Union, including Germany, is one of this pistachio buyers due to the very low levels of contamination of fandoghi pistachios with aflatoxin.
Similarly, countries such as China, Russia, Pakistan, etc., are also customers of this pistachio due to the balanced and low prices of fandoghi pistachios.


Types of fandoghi round pistachio for sale

Fandoghi round pistachio for sale, like other pistachio varieties, have naturally open and mechanically opened species. Depending on the quality and price that they intend to buy, each trader chooses a specific type and size of fandoghi pistachios.

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