Persian pistachio price per ton 2018

Persian pistachio price per ton 2018

The Persian pistachio price per ton 2018 differ for different qualities. Due to the high quality difference between the various pistachio quality, the difference in price is sometimes significant.

For the price of one pound tone of Persian 2018, you need to know the different models of Persian pistachios, as well as your country’s taste in buying pistachios and then in accordance with them, to inquire about price and buy.

Perhaps in a country you need to buy products with acceptable quality and relatively cheap price due to the high number of people and the economic level of people’s lives. And you live in a country where you intend to import pistachios, which has defined certain standards for the import and trade of pistachios. Due to the variety of pistachios, Iran can be suitable for any of the requests.

But in the first step, you should know the types of Persian pistachios, consider the reasons for their price difference and buy them according to the market of their destination country.


Buy best Iranian pistachios grades

Different grades of Iranian pistachios are often different from the following:

  • Types of pistachio
  • Pistachio cultivars
  • Percentage of the brain
  • Size of pistachio
  • Percentage of defective seeds in the pistachios
  • And …

In terms of chemical analysis and microbiology, pistachios can be grouped into several groups. This is particularly relevant for the amount of pistachio aflatoxin poison. Super grape pistachios with an aflatoxin content of less than 4 ppb. High quality pistachios with an aflatoxin content of less than 10 ppb and other qualities.

The best iranian pistachio grades for a particular country are determined precisely on the basis of the standards of that country and the taste of the people of that country.

The pistachio price per tonne 2018 is different for different grades. Perhaps some merchants along with quality, according to their country’s standards, may also define a price limit. Accordingly, and the examination of the type of buyer’s request, the seller will offer the best quality to the specified conditions.


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