persian pistachio trading

The Persian pistachio trading has flourished in the international market. Because Iran is one of the major producers of pistachios and its main exporter in the world.

The annual production of pistachios in Iran is about 230 thousand tons. The high production volume has made Iran the main pistachio pillar. With this amount of production, Iran not only needs its domestic market, but also annually exports a significant amount of pistachios around the world.

The Persian pistachio trading globally has a significant boom. Because not only is the amount of pistachio production in Iran high and is the main source of pistachio, but also the quality of Iranian pistachios is very high.

Pistachio in persian language

Pistachios are called “پسته” in Persian. Pistachio production in Iran is carried out in several provinces. Exporter companies are currently active in Iran. These exporting companies understand the market demand of different countries well, and send them the most suitable product according to their needs.

Persian pistachio trade has flourished on all five continents. For example:

  • On the continent of Europe, Germany, Italy as well as Spain, etc.
  • In the continent of America countries such as Brazil
  • Also among Eurasian countries such as Russia.
  • Also among Asian countries such as china, China, UAE, India, Japan and …
  • and … 

are the persian pistachio clients.

Types of Persian pistachio

The most important varieties of Iranian pistachio, which have the largest volume of production and their international trade have flourished, you can see in the picture below.

persian pistachio trading

persian pistachio trading

Of course, In addition to pistachios in shell, Iran also export pistachio kernels as well as sliced pistachio and etc.

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