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In pistachio bulk wholesale, one of the things we need to consider is packaging pistachios. Packing is important because it is an important factor in maintaining the quality of the product until it reaches the destination.

What is the packaging of pistachios and pistachio kernels and its products? Pistachio suppliers consider what types of packaging for pistachio products in pistachio bulk wholesale?

We would like to introduce in the following text the most common form of packaging for various types of pistachio products.


Packaging of products pistachio bulk wholesale

We use the 50 kg bags for pistachios in shell. In some cases, we also use 10 kg carton packaging for pistachios in the skin. We use this type of packing  when the destination is far away and there is a possibility of loss of pistachio quality along the route. Or the customer demands this kind of packaging to preserve the quality of pistachios in a longer period of time.

But what kind of the packaging is used for pistachio kernels? In most cases, we choose 10 kg carton packaging for pistachios. And of course, this package is for green peel pistachio kernels, 12.5 kg cartons. In a few cases, we also use a bag packing for pistachio kernels. The bag for pistachio kernels is 70 kilograms.

The packaging of other pistachio products, including slivered pistachios and pistachio powder, has been thoroughly described in the “Packaging and shipping” article.
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