wholesale pistachio nuts uk

wholesale pistachio nuts uk

If you are a pistachio importer in the UK, the article “wholesale pistachio nuts uk” will help you understand the taste and import standards of this country.

Some pistachio importing countries have defined specific standards for importing this product. Some countries have different standards from the standards that FAO has defined.

Most of these countries have strict standards and analyze pistachio inputs in several stages and measure their standards. The United Kingdom is also one of those countries. The country’s standards set limits for aflatoxin below the FAO, as well as the EU. Therefore, the pistachio cargo for import to this country needs to ensure the quality and standardization of the product in the first step.

Iran Pistachio Wholesale in the UK

Iran’s pistachios have been able to meet the standards of many countries. Now you can see Iran pistachio in the market of many countries of the world. European countries, the UK, as well as countries like Singapore and … are also part of these countries. These countries are the pistachio buyers and importers of Iran, and this shows that Iranian pistachios have been able to successfully meet the standards defined by these countries. Standards that have a lot of harshness about pistachio quality and health.

Varieties and models of Iranian pistachio can pass this standard. Such as:

  • Fandoghi
  • Kalleh ghouchi
  • Akbari
  • Ahmad Aghaei

and etc. These can be naturally opened as well as mechanically opened, or pistachio products. The pistachio products such as pistachio kernels processed from closed mouth pistachio, slivered pistachios and etc.

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