cheap bulk pistachio nuts

cheap bulk pistachio nuts

Some traders are looking to buy of cheap bulk pistachio nuts. Knowing the types of pistachios can be helpful in choosing the right pistachios. We introduce the types of pistachios in this article.

Pistachio is generally classified in two categories:

  1. Open shell pistachios
  2. Closed mouth pistachios

Closed mouth pistachios is used in two ways:

  1. Use to produce pistachio kernels
  2. Also processing of mechanical opened pistachios

Mechanically opened pistachios, cheap bulk pistachio nuts

The closed mouth pistachios that is artificially open shell, called the mechanically opened pistachios. Mechanically opened pistachios is the cheapest type of pistachio nuts. Of course, this kind of pistachio has a decent quality than its price. Of course, MO pistachios are classified in several degrees of quality. The most important criterion for evaluating the quality of a MO pistachio is the percentage of its meat. Iranian MO pistachios often have a meat percentage between 45 and 50 grams.

In this section, we introduce the cheapest pistachio.

Export of cheap bulk pistachio nuts

The mechanically opened pistachios in the consumer market has its own fans. For example, China is one of its customers. Because the Chinese consumer market is often looking for a product at a cheap price and quality is acceptable. Russia and Pakistan are also applying for this type of pistachios.

Pistachio mouth closed, free of any contamination. And if health issues are fully complied with during processing, a high quality MO pistachios will be produced in health. It will also be suitable for supply on the EU market. Germany is one of the buyers of this type of pistachio.

You can see a variety of mechanical smelly pistachios from Anata Nuts Company in the Products section.

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