pistachio nuts for sale philippines

pistachio nuts for sale philippines

What are the characteristics of pistachio nuts for sale philippines to be suitable for entering the US market? What are the limitations of the standard country of the Philippines for imports of pistachios?

The Philippines is one of the Asian countries that is on the list of Iranian pistachio importers. This country annual provides the percentage of pistachios needed from Iran.

Iranian Pistachio Export Cultivars for the Philippines

Among the commercial Iran pistachio varieties, different varieties can be suitable for this country. What is important in exporting pistachios to the Philippines is the type of business demand.

Pistachio packaging is also important in the major pistachios in the Philippines. Some Philippine merchants emphasize this. Of course, fortunately, Iran has made good progress in the field of pistachio conversion and packaging. So it can meet all the needs and expectations of its customers, including Filipino traders.

Exporting Pistachios to the Philippines from the Marine Route

Due to the geographical location of the Philippines in the West Pacific and between the Chinese Sea, the best route and mode of transportation of pistachio cargo to this country is the maritime route. Of course, this is dependent on the volume of purchases. For smaller quantities, often sent as samples in the first purchase, it is better to send air.

In a summation, we can state the following:

Pistachios that are suitable for the Philippine consumer market can be from any of Iran’s pistachio cultivars. The type of packaging is often chosen by the buyer. And also shipping is the best way to sell pistachios to Australia.

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