bulk pistachio kernels price for wholesale

bulk pistachio kernels price for wholesale

Bulk pistachio kernels price are very different for various qualities. What is the reason? What are the parameters of a manufacturer of pistachio kernels pricing?

We can sort pistachio kernels into several models. Different models are used for different uses. In the following text, we introduce a few types of pistachio kernels. Familiarity with pistachio kernels specs can be explained by their price differences.


The natural pistachio kernels (Healthy flower pistachio)

The most important thing about this type of pistachio is the percentage of pistachio brain fracture. Also, its size is important. Often, for these products, it is preferable that the fracture percentage of the product is low. However, because of rising prices by reducing the percentage of pistachio breakdown, second-rate models may also be demanded by the customer.


The cheap pistachio kernels/ Meat kernel pistachios

We process this pistachio kernels from tiny pistachios of low quality. This type of pistachio is the cheapest pistachio brain quality. Food industry units are the most important consumer and also customer of this product. This type kernels is suitable for produce ground pistachio, also pistachio butter and so on.


The Green peeled pistachio kernels

A special kind of pistachio brain that producers process its from the unripe pistachios. It is almost possible to say that the high quality of this pistachio kernels has the highest price in the range of pistachio kernels. You can see a sample photo of this product below.

green peeled pistachio kernel

The green peeled pistachio kernel (GPPK)


The wild Organic Pistachio kernels

This product comes from natural forests. Therefore, it is organic product. So, The EUP country is its consumer. Also, this product is very suitable for use in confectionery and also food industry units. The Turkey country is one of the its customer. In iran internal market also this product used in confectionery.

wild pistachio kernels bulk

The wild organic pistachio kernels

The broken pistachio kernels

The best type is for use in confectionery. Price is reasonable. It is also suitable for ice creams and so on.

And …

We introduced a few of the types of pistachio cereals above. As you can see, the qualities are completely different. Therefore, bulk pistachio kernels price is also very different.

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