buy pistachio nuts for sale

buy pistachio nuts for sale

In buy pistachio nuts for sale, there are a lot of things to consider. Important points can be made to the type, variety and size of pistachios. These are the issues that all pistachio merchants pay attention to buy pistachio nuts.

But there are other features. These attributes are very important in determining the quality of pistachios. And of course, some traders may not pay attention to these indicators. The same is the case because of the price difference. We review a few of these below:

During the process of processing and screening, after removing and removing the skin of the pistachios, the seeds of the pomegranate, the mouth closed and … is removed from the product. However, the percentage of closed shell seeds and other defects remains in the product. Therefore, in determining the quality of pistachios, these are considered as important items.

We list below the few items that are known as defects in pistachios and are considered in determining the quality of the pistachio product.

  • The percentage of pistachio mouth closed
  • the percentage of crooked mouth pistachios
  • Non-uniformity in terms of size
  • Non-uniformity in terms of digits
  • As well as spot percentage
  • percent foreign material such as shell or dust and …
  • And …
buy pistachio nuts

buy pistachio nuts

The low percentage of these disadvantages means that pistachios have a higher quality. Definitely a higher-quality product will also have a higher dollar value.

Aflatoxin in different quality pistachios

In addition to the physical properties of pistachios (we raised some of them above), characteristics such as the level of pistachio aflatoxin toxicity are also important.

The country may have defined a specific standard for the amount of Aflatoxin in pistachios. It should pay attention to this. Because if these standards are not met, the product will be returned.

For more information on this, please refer to the article (Aflatoxin levels in Persian Pistachios). We have thoroughly examined the quality of pistachios in the product section of the site. You can contact us after reviewing further information and ordering the order.

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