slivered pistachios UK

slivered pistachios uk

In this article, “slivered pistachios uk” we will examine the issue of how the standard packaging and standard slivered pistachio should be for import to the UK.

The Pistachio slice is one of the export items that pistachio exporters provide for their customers. Consumers use this product extensively in the food industry. In confectionery and restaurants.

The main customers of this product in the international market are countries that have a thriving confectionery industry. The UK is also ranked among pistachio buyers. What is the typical packaging used for slivered pistachio? Is this suitable for importing pistachio slices to the UK?

Packing of slivered pistachios uk

The usual packaging we use for pistachios is a carton of 5.5 and 22 kg. Package is small in cartons weighing 5.5 kg. Then we transfer four small cartons into a mother-of-pearl carton with a net weight of 22kg pistachio.

In long transportation routes, the use of vacuum packs in pistachio slices and then transferring them to the carton can protect the pistachio from crushing it from moisture and heat.

The UK Standards for Importing Pistachio Slices

Fortunately, Iran’s pistachio processing workshops produce this product at a high quality level. In accordance with world-class standards. Therefore, the standards of different countries of the world can pass. Like other pistachio products, this product must have an acceptable level of aflatoxin to allow it to enter the UK.

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