pistachio nuts buy online

pistachio nuts buy online

Iran is one of the pioneers in the production and export of pistachios. Iranian pistachio exporters are always up to date. Now they are also pioneers in online pistachio trading. These companies have made it possible for their customers to pistachio nuts buy online by providing e-commerce requirements.

General steps of pistachio nuts buy online

In online pistachio sales, using authenticated documents is very important. Because the transaction is done on the basis of these documents. The first form to be exchanged between the buyer and the seller is LOI. After that, the FCO (Full Corporate Offer) is sent from the seller to buyer. The buyer confirms the FCO by sending ICPO. The seller receives ICPO, exports PI (proforma invoice).

And the buyer and seller are fulfilling their obligations according to the agreements they have made. The documents the seller provides for the buyer to confirm the preparation and delivery of the goods, often include:

  • Certificate of origin
  • Packing list
  • Invoice
  • Also Pistachio standard
  • As well as Phytosanitary certificate
  • BL
  • Of course, with other documents agreed between the seller and the buyer

Upon confirmation by the buyer, financial settlement is carried out. And so pistachio nuts buy online is completed successfully.

Online sales of pistachios

The most important steps in online pistachio sales are to agree on the following:


  • Choose product and quality
  • Packing type
  • Certificates
  • Also Shipment and Payment
  • Of course, the time of delivery is also one of the things that matter.

The buyer and seller of these items are subject to negotiation through letter writing in the form of the following forms (as mentioned above).

  • LOI: Letter Of Intent
  • FCO: Full Corporate Offer
  • ICPO
  • PI: Proforma Invoice

We provide more information on how to shop online on our site (Shopping guide section). We announce the general stages of online sales. If you would like to place an order or also ask any questions, you can contact us.


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