bulk buy pistachio nuts

bulk buy pistachio nuts

Bulk buy pistachio nuts in the world market have a relatively higher boom than Buy pistachios packed. Most traders and also companies buy pistachios in bulk. And then they pack it with their brand and sell it. Bulk packages used for pistachios include:

  • Bags in different weights of 50 and 30 kg.

These bags are suitable for pistachios in shell.

  • Carton packaging

1) Cartons of 10 and 12.5 kg: Pistachio cartons are often 10 and 12.5 kg. Bulk pistachio kernels is often supplied in cartons of 10-12.5 kg. Of course, the supply of pistachio kernels in the seventy-kilo bag is also common.

2) Cartons of 5.5 and 22 kg: Pistachio slices are often placed in 5.5kg cartons. And then 4 cartons of 5.5kg in a 22kg mother carton.

In the bulk buy pistachio nuts, the product will be delivered to the buyer on the above mentioned forms. The bulk and major pistachio buyer will either post it on the market after the product has been received or in bulk, or make pack in small weights.

Of course, most recently around the world, people around the world are more interested in packaged products. Therefore, selling pistachios in bulk in the consumer market, is declining.

Sale of packed pistachios in Iran

Of course, some buyer countries can not pack pistachios. Therefore, they are buying pistachios packed. Fortunately, Iran’s progress in the packaging industry has been good in recent years. Therefore, currently, the types of pistachios packed export to the global consumer markets with the Iranian brand. Small export packages include:

  • Pistachios packed with cellophane
  • Pistachio with a can of metal
  • Also Pistachios inside a small package
  • And etc.

For information on the list of pistachios packed exported, you can refer to the products section.

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