pistachio nuts wholesale price

Persian pistachio nuts wholesale price

To obtain pistachio nuts wholesale price, in other words, to inquire about the price and inventory of pistachios, you need to provide information about the product you are applying to the supplier. By providing this information, you can help the supplier offer you a product that meets your needs.

Pistachios have a high quality variety. We introduce a variety of pistachio qualities in the article “iranian pistachio grades wholesale“. If you need more information, you can contact us at the end of the article.

In the price and inventory inquiry, you can talk with the supplier in more detail about the product of your request with the supplier. To know what kind of pistachio you are applying for.


Inquiry pistachio nuts wholesale price

The information required by the buyer to estimate the pistachio nuts wholesale price to the supplier is as follows.

  • The first one, which is very important, is the standard of the country of destination in buying pistachios. By identifying this item we can agree with the buyer on the other items together.

Other items include:

  • Type of Pistachio
  • The Pistachio Size
  • Pistachio cultivar
  • Also Pistachio packing
  • Secondary Processing Type if the Buyer Applies. For example, it wants to be flavored.
  • And of course, The tonnage of pistachios

By identifying these items, we can inform the buyer about the EXW price of pistachios. If the customer wants to receive the product on the basis of other Incoterms terms, we need to fully specify the destination country, the agreed delivery method, as well as the delivery term. So with this information, we can estimate the cost of the pistachio and quote the pistachio price, for example, delivery of CIF or … to the buyer.

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