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In the title “Iran pistachio Rafsanjan” there are two very important names that you often eat next to the name of pistachios. Iran and Rafsanjan. Rafsanjan in Iran is the most important export and export destination in the world.

Of course, the phrase “iran pistachio rafsanjan” has also come to your attention if you are a pistachio businessman and have long been active in pistachio trade. Rafsanjan is one of the largest pistachio brands. Most likely, you also have repeatedly heard the name of Rafsanjan along with the name of pistachios. The reason for this is that Rafsanjan is the most important pistachio producing and exporting pillar in the world. Maybe you want to know where Rafsanjan is?


Pistachio production in Rafsanjan

Rafsanjan is one of the cities of Kerman province in Iran. In terms of geographic area, Kerman is the largest province in Iran. Agriculture is booming in this province. One of the most important products that the people of Kerman cultivate in different cities of the province, we can mention the product of pistachios. The annual high tonnage of pistachios is produced in this province, especially in Rafsanjan. It is also exported to various parts of the world from the same region. I think the reason for the reputation of Rafsanjan and the expression of iran pistachio rafsanjan.

I would like to talk about the pistachio variety and the quality of pistachios produced in Rafsanjan.


Varieties of Rafsanjan Pistachio

Rafsanjan Pistachio is in four varieties of Akbari, Fandoghi, Kaleghuchi and Ahmad Aghaei. These four cultivars are the most important pistachio cultivars of Iran. Rafsanjan is one of the most important producers of these pistachio cultivars.
One of the most important advantages we can make about pistachios in Iran and Pistachio Rafsanjan is the quality of this product in terms of taste. The taste of Rafsanjan pistachio is unique due to its high fat content. That’s why there are countless fans around the world.

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