walnut seed kernels

walnut seed kernels

Walnut seed kernels is a product with a very diverse range of uses. The same variety in the use of this product has all the quality of the customer. From the cheap black walnut kernels to also the white walnut kernels, which is the highest quality nuts in the walnut kernels.

As you know, the variety of the walnut seed kernels is very high. We can categorize this product in more than 12 qualities based on two parameters of color and breakage of walnut.

Types of walnut seed kernels

12 Quality of walnut in general is classified into three groups.

  • White Walnut Brain
  • Brown Walnut
  • Black Walnut Brain

Each group has different qualities that are different in terms of percentage of walnut breakage. The lower the percentage fracture in the product, the higher the quality of the product. Of course, in determining the quality of the walnut brain, many other parameters are also considered. One of them is the amount of wrinkles in the walnut.

The wrinkled and lean walnut brain is often not well-liked by the client. This type of walnut kernel is often low in fat. And also dry. That’s why they do not have the perfect taste of the quality walnut brain. For this reason, most customers demand that the purchased kernel be filled. Has high fat. And in fact there is a little shrinkage. This item is not considered in the category of walnuts, but it is very important to determine the quality and price of walnuts.

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