origin of red pistachio, iran pistachio exports

origin of red pistachio, iran pistachio exports

Is it true that the source of red pistachios in the Middle East? Do you really pistachios Middle East, including Iran, have poor quality? So why is iran pistachio exports high?

The explanation for red pistachios in the papers suggests that red pistachios belonged to the Middle East. Middle East pistachios, because they did not have good quality, they were colored and put on the market.

The presence of stain on pistachios is due to the lack of proper processing of the pistachios. One of the most important characteristics of Pistachios with high aflatoxin levels is the presence of the stain on the shell. But Iranian pistachios are contaminated by aflatoxins?

We do not have problems with the past.

We want to talk about the quality of pistachios in Iran now in 2018.

Iran pistachio exports in 2018

Currently, in 2018, Iran exports major pistachios to many countries. The annual amount of pistachio exports from Iran is high to countries where the limit for aflatoxin has been defined.

Countries like Germany, Italy, England, Singapore, etc., who have the most rigorous pistachio analysis, are Iran’s pistachio customer. This shows that Iran’s pistachio has the highest quality and has won the attention of many customers around the world.

(Of course, areas where the production center, including Iran or the United States, may have a low percentage of pistachios, despite production control and processing. This suggests that when ordering and purchasing a product, we must emphasize the quality of our request, so that the seller, in accordance with our request, will prepare the product for us. It is very important to collaborate with reputable exporting companies that specialize in this field.)

RASFF report on pistachio shipments

For example, see the latest RASSF report below. A shipment of goods has been returned to Iran from the pistachios that Iran has shipped to the European Union during the period set out on the table. This is also true of exports from the United States.

RASFF report on pistachio shipments returned

RASFF report on pistachio shipments returned (Source Report: Iran Pistachio Association)


So, we totally disagree with the issue of Iran’s low quality pistachio, during this time period (2018). Iran’s pistachio has the highest quality. For this reason, it has had a good place among the importing countries. And now iran pistachio exports to various parts of the world are very high.

The number of returned return shipments (Which also has other producing countries like America) was due to the lack of attention of the exporter during the preparation of the product or the lack of proper packaging of the product.

This itself emphasizes that we should cooperate with a specialized exporting company in purchasing pistachio cargo.

Certificate of Aflatoxin Pistachio

To prove the high quality of Iranian pistachio, we also provide the following certificate. This is a organic AA pistachio that iran exports its to Germany. The certificite shows the level of pistachio contamination to aflatoxins below 10 and 8 pp. You will also see the product photo without any spots.

This paper show the good quality of Iran pistachio. And also it talk about the goodness of Iran’s pistachios in global markets.

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