iran pistachio Rafsanjani

iran pistachio Rafsanjani

The article “Iran pistachio Rafsanjani” introduces you to Persian pistachio production centers. Rafsanjan is one of the main centers of pistachio production in Iran. You can find other places of pistachio production in Iran by studying this article.

The name of Pistachio Kerman is familiar to many pistachio merchants. Kerman Province is the most important pistachio production center in Iran. The annual production volume of pistachios in the province is high. For this reason, the Iran pistachio Rafsanjani has become the favorite subject of the world’s pistachio merchants. Of course, the point to be mentioned here and then to continue the article is that in recent years pistachio cultivation has begun in other parts of Iran. Pistachio production is now underway in different parts of Iran.

The following provinces are now the site of cultivation and production centers and the export of pistachios.

Pistachio production in Khorasan province

Khorasan Province is one of the provinces that has been working on pistachio cultivation. And now it is one of the pistachio producers in Iran. The amount of pistachio production in Khorasan is high. And now we can be one of the main centers for the production and export of pistachios.
Producers produce a variety of pistachios in this province. Like, Fandogi, Ahmad Aghaei, Badami and ….


Pistachio production in Yazd

Yazd is the third largest annual pistachio production. This province also produces high volumes of pistachio every year and imports into the consumer markets. This province also is one of the main pistachio exporters in Iran.

Other provinces that produce pistachio or pistachio have started massively, are Kashan, Qazvin, the eastern and western Azarbazjan provinces, and …. East Azarbaijan Province is expanding its cultivation area, although it has been very successful in exporting pistachio to Iran.

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