pistachio price iran

pistachio price in iran

Pistachio price in Iran are affected by several parameters. The pistachio price Iran article, as well as the article linked to this text, explains this entirely.

There are about 90 known pistachio cultivars in Iran, some of which are widely and commercially distributed, and some are sparse and cultivated. The most important commercial pistachio cultivars are five types. You see in the picture.

pistachio price in iran

pistachio price in iran

Each pistachio variety has its own unique appearance. Also, in terms of size are each in several categories. Experts define for each cultivar and size, several qualities. This quality is determined by the following parameters:

  • Closed shell
  • Blanks
  • Adhering hull
  • Stained shell
  • Deformity (incl. opened from bottom)
  • Loose kernels
  • Pest damage
  • Foreign material
  • Non-uniformity of variety
  • And etc

Products of different cultivars, sizes and qualities are definitely priced differently. The characteristics that we are mention until this part of the article, are the most important parameters in pistachio pricing. Of course, determining the price level of pistachio in the market for each year of a product depends on the environmental parameters of the market. We discussed the pistachio pricing of this view in the article “pistachios price“.

We study below five Iran pistachio cultivars in terms of its physical characteristics and it’s price.

Akbari pistachio price iran

The highest dollar value has been allocated by experts to this pistachio. Its commercial name is Super Long pistachios. It is a favorite of both Iranian and foreign consumers.

Fandoghi pistachio price iran

Fandoghi pistachio has the lowest dollar value. Its commercial name is round pistachio. This pistachio is round and also fine. It has the highest production volume. And its export is also very thriving.

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio price iran

The appearance of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is very beautiful due to the whiteness of the peeling skin. There are many fans in the international market. The domestic market of Iran also likes this cultivar. In terms of price, due to the average size, it has a moderate price.

Kaleh Ghuchi pistachio price iran

Pistachios are coarse. In other words, it’s coarsest pistachio of Iran. Also, its price compared with other varieties of the same size is appropriate.

Badami pistachio price iran

Badami pistachio are like fandoghi pistachio in size and fineness. But in the row of long pistachios. Also, the its price is similar fandoghi pistachio.

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