pistachio bulk wholesale

bulk pistachio wholesale

In pistachio bulk wholesale, we will look at the most important items and parameters that the buyer and seller negotiate about them in the following.

The most important issues to be considered in the first step in pistachio bulk wholesale are the quality and type of pistachio. In fact, in the first step, the pistachio seller and the buyer must agree on the quality of the pistachios.
The difference in the type and quality of the pistachios has caused it to be varied. The variety of pistachios is high. It is therefore important that the buyer wants what type of pistachio. And whether the pistachios supplier can supply the product he needs.


Other important items in pistachio bulk wholesale

In the next step, things like the type of secondary processing, including the type of roasting and packaging, are specified. Some buyers want to taste pistachios. And some raw. And of course the packaging type is also important. Of course, in choosing the type of pistachio packaging, in addition to the buyer’s request, the seller of pistachios should provide sufficient advice to the pistachio buyer. Select the best packaging for the pistachio according to the conditions.

Other matters of importance are related to shipping, delivery and payment terms. These are the most important items that the buyer will often pay attention to them.

Depending on the abilities and experience of pistachio exports, the seller can deliver the product to the buyer outside the borders of his country. For example, the delivery term may be chosen depending on the transaction condition of one of the items fob, cif, ddp, or …. During pistachio bulk wholesale, these parameters are often specified accurately.

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