pistachio wholesale malaysia

pistachio wholesale malaysia

pistachio wholesale malaysia, according to statistics, has a relatively good boom? Which of the Iran pistachio varieties are selling in Malaysia? What should be considered in the supply of pistachios in Malaysia?

Malaysia is one of the main Iranian pistachio customers. The country buys and imports a significant amount of pistachios from Iran each year. A number of Iranian businessmen have also been selling Malaysia pistachios by establishing a sales office in the country.

Best pistachio cultivars for export to Malaysia

Malaysia loves the following cultivars from Iranian pistachios:

  • Fandoghi pistachio
  • Ahmad Aghaei pistachio
  • Kalleh Ghuchi pistachio
  • Also Badami pistachio

The point is that paying attention to the price of pistachios is in addition to its quality.

The Malaysian merchants pay attention to the best prices in addition to buying good quality pistachios. For this reason, they often seek the main suppliers of pistachios.

That is why the volume of pistachio exports from Iran to Malaysia is high. Because Iran is the main pistachio exporter in the world. And therefore it offers the most basic price for different quality pistachios.

Suitable quality pistachio for the pistachio wholesale malaysia

Malaysian merchants buy all the quality of the pistachios, whether super quality, first class, standard or lower quality, depending on the need and price of the product.

With this in mind, we consider the Malaysian businessman’s demand for pistachio quality and declare the price for it.

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