wholesale pistachio price in tehran

wholesale pistachio price in tehran

We announce to our customers wholesale pistachio price in tehran. For air cargo delivery of pistachios from Imam Khomeini airport to other countries of the world. These customers will first select their order quantity to check the quality of the cargo.

A number of our new customers in their first purchase are making purchases in smaller quantities. They for checking the quality buy cargo in low volume.


CPT Wholesale pistachio price in Tehran

When the order quantity is less than one container, due to the fact that Iranian shipping does not accept lcl, we will have to rent a full container for the shipment. If we want to ship the cargo air to our customer, transportation costs will be very high, and this will not be economical. Of course, for the much lower volumes where a high percentage of the container is empty, we send the shipment aerially.
We often send much low volume shipments through the Tehran airport to the rest of the world. In this case, we will announce the pistachio price in Tehran to our customers. (We will announce the destination CPT price to the buyer in the final estimate.)


Shipments of pistachios by land and sea

In the major buy pistachios, we often ship the cargo as land or sea. Depending on the destination and the buyer’s request. Because shipping costs for land and sea shipping are suitable.

In this case, the price of pistachio cargo will be announced to the purchaser depending on the agreement we have with the buyer in terms of Fca, cif, ddu and ….

We export pistachios in shell and pistachio kernels, as well as products such as pistachio slice and ground pistachios to various Asian, European, African and other countries. You can select the product from the catalog and contact us to find out the price and availability of the day.

Our product list: The Catalog.
Also our way of communication: Please contact us.

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